Follow a young, questioning MtF person on a journey through the dreamscape as they discover who they truly are.

Developed for Rainbow Game Jam 2019

Diversifiers: Pride, Bechdel Test

Affinity © 2019 Bryony Mair (BlushingBryde) | Twitter | YouTube

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Exploration, LGBT, Transgender, Unity


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That was so sweet


Rrrreally cool visual effects! And some very relatable dialogue~~


Oh, this is beautiful! Thank you for making this!


(this is me like commenting in different parts of the game lol) When it said its a lovely name it made me feel happy cause tbh I've never heard anyone say that about me. Though i am not trans i am very confused with what genders i like and i know that none in my family would accept me i for some reason like boy and girl things though I'm very confused :/. I can relate to the crying but i stay quiet. oh my gosh I love the music i gat all teary eyed and i love that it explained this to me i feel now that i want to be non-binary possably.



I think that this is a beautiful experience that's very touching.

I think the stories were very touching and can help various people feel heard, but I feel like if you expanded on this, it might be good to start out with a bit about people who feel like a different gender without as drastic disphoria, because those people are still valid and there are a lot of people like that as well that might feel slightly isolated thinking that they aren't really trans because they don't feel as harshly about it. But the lack of that doesn't detract from the experience, having it just might give it a bit more. It still touches on a lot of important issues like that "everyone feels like this at least a bit, right?" because I feel like that strikes home to most trans people, at least from personal experience. You've definetly helped some people just by having made this. Keep at it :)

my browser did not like playing this

lil rip

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Holy crap dude. This really hit hard for me. I cried. I struggled with my identity for a long time. When I found out there were other people like, who support me, I felt like I had found my place. Thank you, creators.


That was such a beautiful story. I almost cried, I loved it so much. I'm going to show this to some of my friends in the hopes that this helps them, especially my friend who just came out as a guy. Thank you for making this!


That means so much to me. Thanks for your comment and best wishes to your friend! <3


genuinely one of the best games I have ever played


Gosh this was lovely. My eyes started watering up at some of the stories. Great work ;_;)/


Its a beautyfull story. The little boy story reminded myself, I am not a transgender, but I know the way you feel when you dont know how you are or who you want to be.

My most sincere support to the entire transgender community


Experience the stories of those in the Transgender community as you come to terms with your own form of gender expression.

As  someone whom is currently in the throes of their own MTF transition this game truly touched me like no other has.

In short this is beautiful and my day is immeasurably better for having played this Itch Dot Io Indie <3



Not even seconds in and the music is amazing. The loading screen is quite possibly my favorite ever.

The scenes move slowly which was quite meh, though the visuals were perfect in counter balance.  The name thing was very confusing at first till I actually started to click. Maybe adding more instruction text would be helpful.

The game is amazing as a trans person I connect with this game on a personal level.


This was really nice