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FVSE is a fast-paced side-scrolling shooter. Survive waves of various enemies to earn skill points to upgrade your ship, and take out enemy ships to earn new weapons. To stand a chance of progressing, you'll need to combine your weapons to create more powerful ones! Your progress is saved automatically.

This game was developed in 12 days for JamCraft 3.



Célomalabit — Saigner du cul c'est cool

Covox — Switchblade Squadron

Receptors — Drill Baby Drill; grokwerk stomp

Vim — random collection of consonants; merton court mash up; surprisingly upbeat about it; ricky babes on the town; a tune of sorts


Typodermic Fonts — Stasmic

Jecko Development — JD Digital

vFive Digital — V5 Eastergothic


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Can't beat lv 15... not getting exp from replays of previous levels

Try modes you haven't completed yet

Holy this game is so frigging fun