The monsters of Loch Ness are always fighting amongst themselves as to which one of them holds the famous title of Nessie. While on a visit to the loch, a crazy American entrepreneur invited them to settle the score on his privately-owned racing oval. Vie for victory over the imposters and claim immortality for yourself!

NESSCAR is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by NASCAR® or the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, Inc. NESSCAR and the NESSCAR logo are used under the terms of Fair Use. Please don't sue me.

Developed for Cryptid Jam by Bryony Mair (BlushingBryde)


Riptide - Kevin McLeod -
Pure Energy 12 - Sascha Ende -
Heavy Trailer 5 - Sascha Ende -
Eyesplit - Shane Ivers -
Hornpipe & Jig - Darius Kaufmann -

Car Model



Phil Michalski
Pole Position
Raconteur Sound
Sound Spark LLC
TheWorkRoom Audio Post


2kPixel Studios

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NESSCAR (Windows 64-bit) 44 MB
NESSCAR (Linux 64-bit) 45 MB


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Made a video


Really like the humour and the premise of the game :)

Thank you, glad you enjoyed it! <3


i love this- the pun is genius, and the music is... perhaps... amazing. thank you so much for making this, it was a great time to play!!

And thank you so much for playing!

(1 edit) (+1)

Great game! Loved the wobbly loch ness heads and the general cartoonish-ness of the racing :)

Also great music choice.

Thank you <3


Went really fast and landed out of the track. BEST RACING EVENT EVER!!!

Jokes aside, I loved Nessie's model wobbling around, it is so much fun! I'll play it with my friends these days. I'm sure we'll have so much fun!

Nice job!

Thank you so much! So glad you enjoyed it.